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Fire Protection

(Mezzanine Floor Fire Protection) A larger-sized mezzanine floor or mezzanine floors in frequent use will need fire protection. Visible steelwork is cased in by fire retardant materials – column casings, fascia, and suspended ceiling tiles. Invicta Mezzanine Floors will advise you on when and where this protection is required.



(Mezzanine Floor Handrails) A basic hand and knee rail is a minimum obligation and mezzanine floors used by members of the public require a “filled in” rail of simple mesh, or a more attractive glazed infill. The exposed edges of the mezzanine floor are enclosed by a handrail. This is often just a tubular hand and knee rail but can be enhanced to suit the application of the mezzanine floor.


Two-tier Mezzanine Floors

(Two-tier Mezzanine Floors) Where the headroom allows, mezzanine flooring does not have to be restricted to one tier. You can add two or even five tiers of raised flooring to utilise unused vertical headspace and increase the operational floor space available to your business.

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