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A – Z of Terms

Racking Terminology

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Adjustable Pallet Racking

A common racking system found in warehouses due to its flexibility and adaptability.


The area between pallet racking systems used by workers to load and remove stock. Can be adapted to fit your needs.

Apex Racking

A brand name commonly used to refer to pallet racking.

Automated Storage Machine

An automatic system that is computer operated to help improve efficiency.


Base Plate

The section of pallet racking affixed to the floor to aid stability.


The area between steel post uprights in a racking system. Can also be used as a unit of measurement.


A sturdy piece of metal used to support and carry load.

Beam Connector Lock (Beam Clip)

A small clip that prevents accidently lift of beams in the system so beams don’t get dislodged.


A block can refer to many different things has the meaning changes depending on what system it is being used to describe • Mobile Racking: A number of mobile runs • Live storage/push back racking: A number of connected bays, each system providing storage in depth • Drive-through/drive-in racking: A number of connected bays.

Boltless Shelving

Boltless shelving is a type of shelving that can be assembled and configured without the need for tools/hardware.


A structure put in place to stabilize/support the system allowing it to hold more weight safely and reduce damage in the case of an accident.



The Contractors Health and Safety Assessment Scheme is a scheme that aids in mitigating risks and promoting workplace safety.

Cantilever Racking System

A modular system of metal arms extending out from a frame, ideal for long or awkwardly shaped items that don’t fit on pallets.

Carpet Racking

A system designed to house long and bulky items that can be damaged in other racking systems.

Column Guard

An accessory that is used to protect a column from damage if accidently hit by a forklift.



Decking is the type of flooring that helps support the racking system.

Dexion Racking

A brand name commonly used to refer to pallet racking.

Double Deep Pallet Racking

A double deep configuration allows for double the storage density by layering pallets twice as deep.

Drive-in Pallet Racking

A pallet racking configuration aiming to maximise the efficiency and capacity of the system by minimizing the use of aisles and saving as much as 90% of the space a traditional racking layout uses.


EPC (tracking label)

An Electronic product code is a unique serial number for products using RFID tags used when tracking a delivery.

Effective Storage Space

How much actual space is available for storage.



´First In, First Out´ is a storage method where the items stored first will be the first removed. This is used commonly for perishable goods.


´First in, Last Out´ is a storage method where the items stored first will be the last removed. This is commonly used for bulk storage of a single item.


The rigid structure that supports the racking system.


Galvanized racking

Galvanized racking is where the system is treated with a protective layer of zinc allowing for it to be used outdoors.


The space between aisles allowing for movement however, unlike the aisle, this does not allow for loading or picking the pallets in the system.

Garment Hanging System

A system used in warehouses that was designed to store clothes.

Gravity Flow Racking/Live Pallet Racking

An efficient FIFO system using a series of rollers on a fixed incline.


Height of Racking

The space used vertically that the racking will span.

High Density Storage

This refers to systems where pallets are stored more than one high or deep.

Horizontal Bracing

A structure put in place vertically to stabilize/support the system.


Industrial Steel Shelving

A type of steel shelving designed to be used in warehouses and other similar environments.


Positioning, building and preparing the system for use.


Knock Down Frame (KD Frame)

A type of frame used for installation in existing drywall openings using interlocking tabs and corner slots.


Length of Beams / Frames

The size of the beam / frame.


The number of storage floors in each bay.

Live Pallet Racking/Gravity Flow Racking

An efficient FIFO system using a series of rollers on a fixed incline.

Longspan Shelving

A type of shelving used for storage of bulky items



The process of preserving the condition of the system using methods such as inspections and repairs.

Mesh Partitions

A structure constructed to separate two areas constructed out of mesh. Can also be constructed into cages to secure the storage area.

Mobile Pallet Racking

A racking system using floor channels to move racks and access one at a time. This is used to increase storage capacity.

Multi-tier Pallet Racking

A system that allows for greater use of warehouse space by allowing for access of goods across more than one level using walkways.


Narrow Aisle Pallet Racking

A normal pallet racking system fitted with narrower aisles allowing for more storage in the available space. Can only be used in conjunction with specialist narrow aisle forklift trucks.

Notices (Weight Load Signs)

Notices that are displayed to show the maximum weight that can be held safely.


Operational Clearance

The space which is needed to prevent objects from colliding when the system is in use.


The extra material that goes over the edge of the system.



The Provision and Use of Work Equipment Regulations 1998 is the regulation that governs the use of equipment whilst at work in order to promote a safer working environment.


A flat transport structure which supports items that are stored on top. This allows for efficient storage and easier transport using vehicles such as a pallet jack or a forklift.

Pallet Backstop

An optional accessory placed at the back of the system that ensures pallets are stored correctly onto beams.

Pallet Shuttle Racking

A semi-automated system using machinery to assist the loading and storage allowing for denser storage.


The action of collection relevant items from storage to fulfil an order.

Push Back Racking

A type of racking that allows pallets to be stored deeper (up to 10 pallets deep) in order to increase storage.


Rack Netting System (anti collapse mesh)

An alternative to steel mesh frames that are fitted to the back of the system to prevent stock from falling and injuring personnel.

Rack Sprinklers

Sprinkler that are use in the racking system.

Racking Accessories

Additional items that can be added to a standard racking system for various benefits such as frame guards being used to stop damage to the frame by forklifts.

Racking Inspection

A check of the racking system to identify damage or areas that could make the system unsafe. This is carried out by a certified professional and should be done on a regular basis or when damage is noticed.

Racking Weight Limit

The maximum load that the racking system can take before it becomes unsafe.

Row Ties

Used when 2 back to back runs of racking are installed to help evenly space the racking, sprinkler pipes can be supported from these.


A series of bays that are connected. Can be single or double sided.

Run Spacer/Row Spacer

Items used to connect and accurately space runs of pallet racking.



The SEMA Approved Racking Inspector in an individual who can carry out SEMA approved racking inspections.


SafeContractor is a health and safety scheme that aims to improve workplace safety.

Steel Partitions

Steel structures that are used to separate two areas. This can be used to create separate rooms such as offices, bathrooms, etc.

Support bars

Structures that are fitted within the system to prevent any sagging from the pallets on the beam.



Uniformly Distributed Load refers to how much load can each level store based on the load being spread evenly across the level.


VNA Truck

A specialized truck used specifically in narrow aisle pallet racking systems.


Weight Load

How heavy the item is.

Wire Decking

Wire used to support the pallets ensuring that nothing large falls and injures personnel.

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