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Cash and Carry Storage

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Cash and Carry Storage

The cash and carry sector is one of the most dynamic, fast-moving and varied sectors we work with. Combining the bulk storage requirements of a warehouse with the accessibility and turnover of a retail environment, cash and carry storage needs to be both highly flexible and extremely efficient. All sorts of goods need to be stored in parallel, while refits and reconfigurations are a common occurrence.

Whatever you’re looking for in a cash and carry storage solution, Invicta Racking will deliver. With more than 35 years’ experience designing and installing racking around the world, we’re the ideal choice for your next project. Our list of clients in the cash and carry and wholesale sectors includes:

  • Booker (186 sites nationwide)
  • Fresh Direct
  • Brakes
  • MJ Seafood
  • And many more!

Our focus is always on identifying the unique requirements of each business we work with, and engineering a solution to match. With a complementary site visit from our dedicated project managers, we’ll gain a complete picture of your cash and carry business and your storage space, and design a racking system to match.

With a wide range of racking systems, we’re able to integrate different solutions within the same space to cater to different product types. This might commonly include wide aisle pallet racking for pallets of dry, long-life goods, to a ‘first in, first out (FIFO)’ system for perishables. Our systems feature modular designs that can be easily expanded or even relocated, while we can also accommodate the need for cold storage, or even awkwardly-shaped goods.

With support from our sister divisions – including Invicta Mezzanine Floors and Invicta Fire Protection – we are also able to deliver several solutions under the auspices of a single project. For a cash and carry business, this might commonly include retail mezzanine floors, fire detection and suppression systems, lighting, mesh decking and more.

Many of our clients have been with us for multiple decades, and we pride ourselves on fostering lasting relationships, supporting businesses as they expand and flourish. To start your journey with Invicta Racking and learn more about our range of cash and carry racking systems, get in touch with us today.


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