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SEMA Approved Inspector Racking Inspections

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SEMA Approved Inspector Racking Inspections

The Health & Safety Executive’s guidelines suggest that you should inspect racking for damage “on a regular basis”. For most businesses, this will mean at least one visual inspection every week, and an in-depth yearly inspection. While we believe that regular inspections are best carried out by trained warehouse staff, annual inspections require a SEMA approved racking inspector.

Having carried out racking inspections and repairs for more than 35 years, Invicta Racking is ideally positioned to carry out your next racking inspection or maintenance project. Our engineers and installers have the knowledge and experience to deal with every racking format on any scale, identifying issues and outlining quick, comprehensive repairs.

We are capable of carrying out one-off inspections, acting on damage reports filed to us, or organising an inspection schedule of regular site visits. We’ve provided regular inspections to dozens of clients over the years, and are currently responsible for inspecting the more than 170 wholesale locations across the UK, including clients such as Brakes and Booker. Our inspectors are fully certified and offer SEMA approved damage reports, giving you complete peace of mind.

With an experienced team of designers and engineers and a range of safety solutions, we don’t just outline repairs and solutions – we can implement them too. Unlike most dedicated inspectors, we can act on the results of our inspections, carrying out repairs and installations of equipment including racking, column guards, anti-collapse mesh and end-of-aisle barriers.

Our inspectors can work on a timescale that suits you, ensuring that your daily operations aren’t interrupted in any way. To discuss our legacy of successful inspections and repairs, our racking safety awareness training, or to book a racking inspection for your business, don’t hesitate to contact us today.


How do racking inspections work?

Before booking a racking inspection with Invicta, we’ll provide a free consultation to establish the parameters we’ll be working in ahead of time, and roughly how much the inspection will cost. This will often vary depending on the nature of the warehouse, and does not include the cost of implementing any safety recommendations that we make following the inspection.

If we are unfamiliar with the site in question, our team of SEMA approved racking inspectors will visit the site to take detailed notes on your racking setup, including sketches of the racking and key technical information, such as the type of racking being used and its loading information. If we have fitted the racking in question or visited before, this process will be expedited.

Once the racking inspection is complete, our SEMA approved racking inspector will provide you with a full report on its safety, including an itemised list of the safety issues with your racking, and how much it will cost to address them. This work can then be completed by Invicta Racking, or passed on to another supplier if preferred.

We frequently provide racking inspections and repairs to both new and existing clients, often alongside other work. We can carry out inspections alongside racking installations or upgrades, helping to reduce disruption to your business and speeding up the inspection process.


What is SEMA?

SEMA is short for the Storage Equipment Manufacturers Association. SEMA represents manufacturers within the storage industry, and aims to provide uniform technical standards for the safe use and repair of storage formats. These standards are applied through SEMA training courses, and the designation of approved racking inspectors, as well as installation and distribution companies.

SEMA standards recommend that racking safety takes a three-tiered approach. At the bottom level, operatives who use and navigate the racking should be aware of their safety responsibilities, and report any damage so that it can be assessed. Above this, one or more supervisors should inspect the racking on a weekly basis. Finally, a formal inspection by a SEMA approved racking inspector should be carried out at least every 12 months.

Invicta is able to assist with all three of these aspects of racking safety. Our Racking Safety Awareness training can provide the skills and know-how for operatives and supervisors to assess racking damage, and the need to take further action. Meanwhile, our SEMA approved racking inspectors can provide formal inspections on your desired timescale, and recommend improvements to be delivered by Invicta Racking.


What are the PUWER regulations?

Under the Provision and Use of Work Equipment Regulations 1998 – commonly known as the PUWER regulations – all work equipment must be regularly assessed to ensure that it is safe. While many people often think that this refers only to mechanical equipment or tools such as ladders, forklifts, drills and saws, it also includes the use of warehouse pallet racking.

Any high-risk equipment must be regularly assessed by a competent person with relevant training, such as our SEMA registered inspectors. While your general risk assessment is the best way to determine which equipment poses a high risk, this will generally include racking, due to its complexity and the potential for significant damage in the case of a racking collapse.

The PUWER regulations are fundamentally designed to ensure that your equipment (including racking) is well-maintained, such that it cannot place people’s health & safety at risk. In order to achieve this, you are obliged by law to ensure that it is inspected as often as necessary (generally annually or bi-annually), and that any recommendations are fully applied.

One of the biggest benefits we offer at Invicta Racking is the ability to implement the changes we suggest. Where most independent racking inspectors will present you with a list of problems, we offer solutions. Our SEMA approved racking inspectors will provide you with an itemised list of work required to make your racking PUWER safe, and ensure that they are rectified swiftly.


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