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Racking Safety Awareness Training

Comprehensive training for regular racking inspections

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Racking Safety Awareness Training

While SEMA approved inspections are an important element of racking safety, they aren’t the be all and end all. Just as it isn’t enough to tidy your house once a year and assume it will stay clean, checking your racking once a year won’t keep it safe. To fully adhere to health & safety legislation, you need to keep an eye on your racking, and address problems before they escalate.

By providing racking safety awareness training for your facility or warehouse managers, health & safety managers or even warehouse operatives, you can ensure that safety concerns are addressed proactively. Employees in the warehouse will be able to identify problems as they occur, while managers will be better equipped to make periodic inspections, and flag up issues before they deteriorate.

At Invicta Racking, we’re able to combine our decades of experience in the maintenance and repair of racking with certified racking safety awareness training, delivering advice that’s both practical and relevant to modern warehouses. Our training covers SEMA codes of practice, giving you an idea of what to look out for when using and assessing racking.

The course covers an array of different racking types, ensuring that your employees will be able to identify potential hazards and damage to the racking in your storage space. It also outlines current legislation relating to pallet racking, risk assessments, how to address damage when it is found, and the practical application of this knowledge in a real-world scenario.

Many organisations implement health & safety guidelines and processes, but fail to communicate their value. As a result, employees can sometimes feel that these rules are arbitrary or excessive, and may be inclined to cut corners. Our racking safety awareness training gives employees the tools and the impetus to affect positive change, and helps them to maintain a safe working environment.

Our training is comprehensive and industry-approved, giving you complete peace of mind and helping your business to comply with legal requirements. To discuss our racking safety awareness training and book a course for your workers, get in touch with us today.


HSG76 Regulations

Our racking safety awareness training is designed to bring your employees and workplace in line with HSG76, the Health & Safety Executive’s guidelines for warehouse & storage safety. In accordance with HSG76, our training contributes towards your responsibilities for health & safety management, satisfying the criteria for:

● assessing the risks to employees and others;

● eliminating risks where possible;

● using safe systems of work; and

● providing the workforce with adequate information and training.

Racking safety awareness training is not a cure-all for your health & safety needs, but should be used in combination with other safety measures, including specific training for things like forklifts and other equipment. Our racking safety awareness training helps employees to be more mindful of the risks around them, and helps them to spot and report hazards in a timely manner.

Racking safety awareness training can be a major contributor to HSG76 compliance, and thereby compliance with health & safety regulations. Making sure that as many warehouse operatives as possible have some safety awareness training will stop many risks at source, and help you to reduce the need for more regular full inspections and costly repairs or replacements.


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