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Distribution Centre Storage

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Distribution Centre Storage

When it comes to distribution centre storage, time – and space – is money. With hundreds or even thousands of different SKUs, items must be easy to locate and pick, while stocks are frequently being replenished. As a result, a distribution centre racking solution must be both extremely dense and easy to access, making the distribution process as smooth as possible.

With more than 30 years’ experience in the design and installation of racking for distribution centres, Invicta Racking has the expertise to fit your ambition. Our distribution centre racking offers high density storage in a range of formats to suit different spaces, picking methods and vehicle configurations. With a complementary site visit, we’ll gain an appreciation of your business and storage space, and design a solution to spec.

As the products passing through a distribution centre vary, so do the racking options for distribution centre storage. For large operations, high tech pallet shuttle racking may be a preferable option, providing extremely high density storage and mechanical assistance in conjunction with a WMS. For smaller operations, narrow aisle racking provides up to 50% more space through the reduction of aisle widths with the use of specialised trucks.

By working together with our other divisions – including Durasteel Fire Protection, Mezzanine Floors and Mobile Shelving – we can integrate multiple different disciplines within a single project. We can integrate racking with mezzanine floors to take advantage of empty headspace in your facility, and provide industry-leading passive and active fire protection systems, as well as goods and personnel lifts, walkways and more.

Our experience and know-how allows us to outline the perfect solution for your space, providing a single or mixed-use racking solution without disrupting the flow of your business. To speak to our dedicated advisors, arrange a site visit or find out more about our past projects, feel free to contact us today.


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