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Retail Storage

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Retail Storage

In the world of retail storage, the supply chain is king. The flow of goods from delivery to storage to shelves is of paramount importance, and this comes down to both speed and capacity. A successful back-of-house racking solution has to be flexible enough to receive a variety of goods; dense enough to reduce shipments while serving demand; and structured such that the picking process is fast and straightforward.

With more than 30 years’ experience in the design and installation of retail back-of-house storage solutions, the staff at Invicta Racking have this down to a fine art. With a complementary site visit, our dedicated project managers visit each prospective client to gain a complete understanding of their business, the nature of their back-of-house storage space, and their demands going forwards. We then use this to suggest the optimum racking or shelving, and design it precisely to spec.

Wide aisle pallet racking is widely deployed in the retail sector, and for good reason. Offering both the greatest flexibility and the highest compatibility with picking vehicles and pallet trucks, it is an ideal all-round solution for the broad remit of this fast-paced environment. However, we also offer a range of formats to suit different circumstances. These include live pallet racking for the flow of perishable goods, and multi-tier racking for mixed use back-of-house storage.

In conjunction with our other divisions – including Durasteel Fire Protection, Mezzanine Floors and Mobile Shelving – we can provide a whole range of integrated solutions under the auspices of a single project. With the capacity to design and fit mezzanine floors, passive and active fire protection, mobile storage, goods lifts and a range of accessories and ancillaries, Invicta Racking is ideally positioned to fulfil your next retail storage project.

We’re enormously proud of our work to date in the retail sector, with major clients including Asda, Tesco and John Lewis. Contact us today to speak to our dedicated specialists, learn more about our past projects, and discover how our retail storage solutions could benefit your business.


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