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Why you should choose new racking over used racking

17th May 2021

Risk or reward

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Updating your racking is a worthwhile investment for any business, potentially improving the organisation of your space and adding more storage capacity. But depending on your space and what you need it for, it can also be a costly exercise – making it very tempting to opt for used pallet racking instead of a new installation. 

Doing so is fraught with risk, however, ranging from genuine safety concerns to simple cost-effectiveness. Here are just a few reasons why you’re better off investing in new pallet racking for your warehouse, and not scavenging old parts from other warehouse operators. 



Buying used racking can be cheaper than new racking, but only if you know what you are looking for. If you haven’t consulted on the design of your racking and had it fitted properly – or you choose the wrong racking – you may end up incurring more costs in the long run. These could range from repairs to replacements, which will only get more expensive if your racking is not of a common type, or has been deprecated by the manufacturer – something that’s much less likely to occur with new racking.

Buying new racking will generally incur a higher cost, but comes with a number of guarantees. You’ll be sure that it has been fitted correctly, maximising the use of your storage space and your available storage capacity. You’ll also have guarantees that the racking is of the highest available standard, and that it is in a full state of repair, all of which will reduce maintenance costs in the long run. As racking repair and inspection specialists, we can fit your racking and arrange inspections at the same time – and with a full layout and specifications for your racking, we’ll be able to inspect it much more quickly.


Buying the wrong size

Purchasing racking yourself without any consultation could lead to buying the wrong size or type of racking for your purposes. This could make the racking functionally useless if it cannot store the items you need it to; or unsafe, if you store items on it that it was not designed for. It may also not suit the dynamics of your space, and end up using more space than it needs to.

By investing in new pallet racking from Invicta, you’ll ensure that the racking utilises every available inch of your warehouse or storage space. With a range of high density pallet racking options – including double deep, pushback and narrow aisle – we’ll choose the right solution for your business and its needs. Compared to standard racking, our high density formats can as much as double your storage capacity or halve your required storage footprint, while catering to all kinds of pallet sizes.


Buying an inflexible racking format

Buying the wrong racking format could make it harder for your racking to grow alongside your business. Some formats are not suitable for expansion or extension, meaning that you will have to find a different racking format to go alongside them if you want to increase your storage. Even if the racking you buy can be extended or relocated, it may become harder and harder to find that kind of racking, and companies who are able to work with it.

A new high density pallet racking solution will offer the flexibility to be expanded or relocated, giving you complete control over your storage solution. This will help to future proof your business, and makes relocating to new premises a more viable prospect. It will also give you the opportunity to install racking on a small scale, and expand later based on demand. By establishing a relationship with the racking installers, you’ll also allow them to make future adjustments more quickly, and make this process cheaper and easier.


Choosing poor quality racking

Quality isn’t just a decision on cost – it’s fundamental to good racking. The lower the quality of the racking, the higher the chance that it will deteriorate, losing you more money in maintenance and inspections, and potentially even failing entirely. Without assurances as to the quality and safety standards of the racking, you could be buying something that’s already damaged, or something that may not hold up to safety standards. This could not only endanger your goods and your workers, but also put you in contravention of health & safety laws, and in line for a major fine.

You might think that damage to racking is fairly obvious to spot, and that you simply need to be observant when buying used racking. But the stresses and incremental damage of racking aren’t always immediately evident to the untrained eye. You might be able to spot something fairly obvious, like bowing or other physical damage, but wear and tear to other components such as floor fixings and frame bracing is often less apparent. Any safety issues could also be exacerbated by staff, who may not know how to safely load and unload a new racking type. 

Ultimately, investing in pallet racking is a long-term decision. Get it right the first time, and you will reap the benefits of additional storage, reduced maintenance costs, faster inspections, and the flexibility to grow alongside your business. Get it wrong, and you could be lumbered with a racking system that actually impedes your growth, and poses more problems than it solves. 

At Invicta Racking, our dedicated project managers take the time to get to know each one of our clients, and assess their requirements. With a free site inspection, our designers will produce a custom pallet racking solution that’s bespoke to your space and your needs – and fit it with minimal disruption. To discuss your next racking project and how Invicta Racking can enhance your business, get in touch with us today.

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