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Fulfilment centre racking, Taunton


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Home Case Studies Fulfilment centre racking, Taunton


18,000 Picking Bins

Project Timeframe

8 Weeks

Company profile

Bath Quartermaster is a new storage and fulfillment company based in Taunton, Somerset. The firm recently completed construction of a 24,588 sq ft storage facility featuring 18,000 picking bins and state-of-the-art equipment, with the intention to serve individual and corporate customers nationally.

Business situation

The client was looking to populate a recently built intermediate fulfilment centre, with a primary focus on fulfilling orders for small businesses. Invicta were approached by Ibex to design and install a bespoke pallet racking system for the client, initially for the fulfilment of palletised goods.

The racking would have to function within a state-of-the-art warehouse, using brand new picking equipment and being fully integrated with the warehouse management system.

Technical situation

As the project evolved, it became clear that roughly 70% of the storage space would be committed to loose items and small goods, such as t-shirts, books, perfume bottles and Christmas ornaments, with the remaining 30% being palletised goods.

This necessitated a shift in our planning, both to create an appropriate storage system that allowed the client to customise level types and items, and to optimise the warehouse layout for multiple types of storage.


Invicta designed and installed two systems: a pallet racking system and a multi-tier racking system. The pallet racking system consisted of two single runs and two double runs, with 126 bays storing up to 14 pallets each. The system stood at a height of 14.5m, and utilised five pallet gates, two tower staircases and aisle widths of 1900mm, allowing for wire guided forklift trucks to minimise the risk of accidents.

The multi-tier racking system meanwhile stoof at 14.5m in height and 19m in length, and consisted of nine runs, seven bays and five separate floor levels. Each upper level contained one bin level, while the ground floor contained three levels. The solid steel decking levels and configuration allowed for complete customisability, both of the level types and the items being stored on each level.

The racking featured tubular forklift barriers for safety, as well as full height anti-collapse mesh between the multi-tier and pallet racking systems. In addition, Invicta constructed a two-tier mezzanine floor in conjunction with Invicta Mezzanine Floors, to be used for offices and break areas. The racking was finished in RAL #7035 grey, while the multi-tier system featured 38mm chipboard flooring and 1200mm aisles.


Invicta successfully designed and installed a flexible racking and storage system for the client, with the capacity to change over time. By creating a core storage system that can be adapted and tweaked, the pallet bays and picking bins can be customised according to the items stored by each new client.


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