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Mezzanine-Over Racking

Combining our expertise in racking and mezzanine floors

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Mezzanine-Over Racking

In very tall facilities, it’s not uncommon to create a racking solution that still leaves a significant amount of unused headspace above the storage area. Sometimes it simply isn’t practical or possible to build racking that occupies this space, while other times the business simply doesn’t need it. In these instances, we often recommend mezzanine-over-racking – literally building a mezzanine floor above the racking system.

Working closely with our sister division, Invicta Mezzanine Floors, we are perfectly positioned to integrate a mezzanine with your racking solution. A mezzanine-over-racking, sometimes known as floor-over-racking, allows you to squeeze every drop of space out of your facility. By utilising the headspace above racking that your forklifts can’t reach, you can magic additional room out of thin air, allowing you to expand internally without having to invest in new sites.

As with our other mezzanine systems, mezzanine-over-racking can be used for a variety of functions, ranging from office space to production areas to hosting heavy plant and machinery. By creating the mezzanine floor in tandem with your racking project, we’re able to fully optimise the space to be as dense as possible while still safely supporting the mezzanine floor. Alternatively, we can work within an existing system to do the same job, making as few changes as possible to achieve the same results.

Like our racking systems, our mezzanine floors feature a modular design that allows them to be augmented or even relocated should you want to make changes in the future. This means that you can install mezzanine-over-racking without having to worry about whether you might want to expand your racking upwards in future, and can instead relocate the mezzanine floor somewhere else.

With more than 35 years’ experience designing and installing both mezzanines and racking systems, we’re uniquely qualified to combine these two disciplines into one perfect project. To learn more about mezzanine-over-racking and find out how we can help your business, get in touch with Invicta Racking today.


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